-  Friday 03 July 2020

EU keen on energy issues with India

The European Union (EU) is keen to secure close energy cooperation with India, according to the EU's top energy official. "The challenges facing European Union energy policy are global, first of all for security of supply and the other issue is climate change. India being one of the biggest consumers and also potentially the bigger consumer using a lot of coal for producing power is definitely one of the countries we would like to be in very close contact with," Commissioner Andris Piebalgs told INEP news agency.

The commissioner, who begins his first visit to India Thursday, said his political objective was to globally address the energy issue as well India's role in the post Kyoto energy arena after 2012.

The Kyoto pact requires industrialised countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 8 percent of the 1990 levels between 2008 and 2012.

Piebalgs will be meeting India's Power Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde as well as other ministers and officials during his two-day stay in India. He will address the first EU-India business energy conference and attend the second EU-India Energy Panel.

The first EU-India energy panel was convened in 2005 following the strategic partnership concluded between the 25 member EU and India in 2004.

Referring to the conference and energy panel, Piebalgs said: "I think it's a good way to tackle globalisation of energy markets. Areas that are extremely important are renewable energies and energy efficiency," he said and added that he also planned to emphasise on petroleum conservation, association and research.

"It is only a two day visit but it is very important to have close relations with India and China and other consumer markets for a better response to global energy markets."

On EU-India energy relations, the commissioner mentioned the need for a suitable strategy for energy conservation and efficiency.

"Without global cooperation I don't think we can succeed in securing energy supply. The other issue is dependence on the usage of renewables. With oil prices now approaching $70 per barrel, renewable energy is very promising.

On the issue of nuclear energy, the commissioner said that while nuclear energy had always played an important role in the EU, it was not the most obvious solution to the EU's energy challenges.

"Storage of nuclear waste is also a significant security issue that is fundamental to the acceptance of nuclear energy," he said. 

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