-  Sunday 20 September 2020

    Students Protesting Labor Act Block Roads in France

    Students protesting the new employment law in France blocked roads in several major cities today.

    Protests in Nantes, Rennes, Lille, Marseilles, Dunkerque, and Aix-en- Provence caused traffic jams.

    Today the French Constitutional Court will unveil its view on the new labor act, which has resulted in nationwide protests by workers and students.

    The opposition Socialist Party had earlier resorted to the Constitutional Court for cancellation of the law on grounds of violating the supreme law of the country.

    After the meeting, labor unions and students gathered yesterday and urged for new strikes and protests to be organized on April 4.

    In Tuesday’s protests, about 700,000 took to the streets in the capital Paris and roughly three million people joined in protests throughout the country.

    Despite everything, Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin insists on not retracting the law.


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