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Microsoft crosses swords with EU over antitrust fines

MARCH 31, 2006
 BRUSSELS: Microsoft and the European Commission traded blows on Thursday before a private hearing on whether the software giant should incur antitrust fines.

As Microsoft defends itself against fines of up to e2m ($2.4m) a day, the Commission accused the company of turning the hearing into a “media exercise”. The Commission proposed the fines last December because it says Microsoft delayed implementing remedies imposed for abusing the dominance of its Windows operating system to hurt rivals.

Before going into the two-day hearing, Microsoft argued that not only had it gone beyond the Commission’s demands to change its business practices, but it was willing to do more.

“Our case is straightforward and the facts are clear. We have complied beyond the requirements of the Commission’s decision,” Microsoft’s top lawyer, Brad Smith, told reporters. “Microsoft is willing to do more ... Daily fines are not the solution.”

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