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EU, Chile share views on WTO talks  

 March 27
Chile and the European Union (EU) hold common views about the Doha Round talks of the World Trade Organization (WTO), EU trade commissioner Peter Mandelson told Chilean media on Monday.

    Both Chile and the EU wanted more open markets and clear rules to facilitate trade development, Mandelson said as the April deadline for reaching a framework agreement for the Doha round was drawing near.

    The Doha Round of trade liberalization talks was launched in 2001 with the aim to boost the global economy and lift millions worldwide out of poverty by lowering trade barriers across all sectors. It is already two years behind schedule and its new goal is to conclude a binding trade liberalization pact by the end of this year.

    The WTO ministerial conference last December in China's Hong Kong failed to complete the Doha trade round and outstanding issues such as agriculture products, industrial goods and services were left to be agreed upon by April 30 at a meeting in Vienna when the WTO's 149 members are supposed to reach detailed agreement on how to liberalize their markets.

    Mandelson said that if the main objectives of the Doha Round were not met, the world economic development will not grind to a halt but international actors will miss an opportunity to improve the living standards of their people.

    Mandelson met with Chilean President Michelle Bachelet and Foreign Minister Alejandro Foxley Rioseco during his visit. The two sides discussed the implementation of the EU-Chilean Association Agreement.

    The accord signed in 2000 includes provisions that are difficult for both sides, particularly those concerning the protection of intellectual property in Chile and the liberalization of agricultural sector in Europe. Enditem 

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