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    France Includes Genocide Allegations Even in Medical Books

     Sunday, March 26, 2006 
     In France, allegations on the so-called Armenian genocide have made their way into medical books. It has been revealed that the so-called genocide-advocate Armenian lobby holds the copyright of some books used in French medical faculties.

    In the prefaces of Axel Balian’s books, a book students must buy, genocide allegations are included. In the book, the European Union’s starting negotiations with Turkey is also criticized. The whole income of Armenian Balian’s seven books is transferred to the Armenian associations. Especially Turkish students studying in medicine faculty have concerns over their money being transferred to the Armenian lobby.

    In France, which officially recognized the so-called Armenian genocide in 2001, doctors joined the debates over “genocide” after politicians and historians. In Balian’s “Hepato-Gastro-Enterologie,” book, which is used for stomach-intestine specialization, the European countries, which started full membership negotiations with Ankara, are criticized.

    There are some striking remarks in the preface: “The income of this book will be transferred to the associations, which are trying to evoke the ‘genocide’ took place in 1915. Few people remember the 1.5 million Armenians that lost their lives while fleeing and in the camps. This book is prepared in the hope that those who seem ready to make a ‘denying country member of the EU’, should also remember the genocide.” The Armenian doctor has seven books on the same subject.

    All of the books refer to the so called Armenian Genocide and the Copyrights of the books were transferred to Armenian Foundations. Turkish students, who are obliged to buy these books at medical faculties, are unhappy because their money is transferred to “genocide” foundations. Straoussgbourg Pasteur University Freshman student Fatih Akin said: “We have to buy this book to pass the course; however, we are not comfortable as our money is sent to the foundations making genocide propaganda.” Akin also said it is interesting a medicine book gives place to a political issue like this in its preface session.

    Hosting about 500,000 Armenian immigrants France had passed a law recognizing the so called Armenian Genocide in 2001. Armenians are quite influential in France, which hosts the biggest number of Armenians in Europe. Tension increases every year on April 24 in France, the Genocide commemoration day, and 450,000 Turks in France become offended by these genocide discussions. Recently the Turks living in Lyon had organized a protest march against the second genocide statue in the city. Some events had taken place after Armenians attacked Turks during the demonstrations and Lyon Governorship explained it would not longer tolerate demonstrations against the Armenian Genocide.

    Armenian Diaspora defends the number of Armenians that died between 1915 and 1916, when the Emigration Law was implemented in the Ottoman Empire, reaches 1,500,000. The Armenian Genocide claims have been accepted by the parliaments of 15 countries so far.


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