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Pop star Mausami struck by projectile

Sunday, March 26,2006 
POKHARA: Rising new star of Nepali pop music, Mausami Gurung was rushed off stage during a live concert in Pokhara today with blood pouring down her face when an object hurled from the crowd struck her forehead.
She was hit by the projectile while singing a duet with Nirnaya Shrestha at the concert which included some of Nepal’s top pop bands.

According to our correspondent, the crowd was left in stunned silence as soon as it realized what had happened.

A visibly distressed and shocked Gurung was quickly rushed backstage by security and taken to a nearby hospital by the police to receive treatment for the wound.

According to the Pokhara police, the thrower of the projectile was caught and briefly arrested.

“It was a minor incident, we handed over the miscreant to the police,” an official of Mero Mobile, the organizers of the concert, told eKantipur over the phone.



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