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CAN: More people on day 3

KATHMANDU, March 25 
There were more people, more sweat on this hot day; there were even more flyers littered on the floor than before. Yes, the CAN Info-Tech 2006 saw its third day pass by with changes, and also saw the total number of visitors for the three days go up to 140,000.
For one, routes were changed so most of the areas were a one-way-highway, and there was no going back. This was especially irritating if one wanted to go back to a middle stall, and was just a bit past it. That person would simply have to make his way around the place all over again. Still this was a predicted move as the visitors had increased tremendously from the first two days.

CAN Info-Tech being the IT fair of the year, surprisingly has few visuals to excite the regular Joe. Sure, there are music videos and other visuals, but the stalls that attracted the most attention were those that were either handing out freebies, or those that had killer videos, like Pentasoft, which showed off popular Internet videos of stick figures engaging in John Woo-like fights. The worst part? There were no games on display. Sure there was a pinball game on display somewhere, but that hardly qualifies as a killer. It is a pity that none of the stalls had the foresight to have a game being played on display, or perhaps even engage in multiplayer for anyone who wanted to test-run, it would have been a hit.

The stall of loveanywhere.com, a dating site, was also seeing plenty of traffic as they waived off their usual Rs 300 registration fees to anyone who wanted to register at the CAN Info-Tech. Reported, it had 1,000 plus signatures by half way through the day.

“Only a table was broken, and even that was because the place was overcrowded,” responded C N Upadhyaya, organizer of the CAN Info-Tech, when asked if anything had gone astray at Nepal Telecom's stall. Eyewitnesses and sources had a different story to tell citing that the day saw some of the crowd had gotten rough with anger at the announcement that the one week offer of on-demand prepaid NTC SIM card forms had run out. The stall was reportedly vandalized, with chairs and tables being broken.

“The forms distribution won't be resumed,” C N Upadhyaya told the Post. “The crowd was too hard to control.”

Despite all the downs, the CAN Info-Tech still saw a lot of ups and transactions, as it is a juggernaut that will not be stopped by trivial setbacks. Day four will probably see a more positive result, adding to its history of success.

The Kathmandu Post

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