-  Tuesday 19 January 2021

WEEKLY SHARE UPDATE: Nepse slides by 0.90 pts

Kathmandu, March 25:
Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) declined by 0.90 points this week. The index had gone up by 2.02 points in the previous week. Weekly share trading at the country’s sole secondary market started at 339.60 points on Sunday and reached 338.70 points on the last day of trading under the regular lot.
The manufacturing group, trading group, finance group and development bank group maintained growth while the indices of commercial banks, the other group and insurance group declined. The index of hotel group remained unchanged.
According to Nepse, a total of 217,182 units of shares valued at Rs 927,07,754 were traded through 2,199 transactions this week. Last week, a total of 233,309 units of shares changed hands generating a turnover of Rs 791,35,907 from 1,941 transactions. Of the 68 listed companies for share trading, only 56 companies saw transactions this week.
The weekly trading report of Nepse showed that the commercial banks group, which is the largest scrip by volume, captured 89.74 per cent of total shares transacted. The index of the group that opened at 378.75 points on Sunday declined to 377.42 points on the closing day. The commercial group’s index declined by 1.33 points.
Likewise, the finance group index moved up from 250.47 to 251.40 points, the manufacturing group reached 291.50 from 290.23 points and the development banks’ index moved went up from 269.79 to 272.87 points. The index of development bank is up by 3.08 points and the index of trading group increased by 5.82 points. The index of the trading group that opened at 141.72 point early on Sunday reached 147.54 points.
The index of insurance group reached 341.05 from 341.48 and that of the other group decreased to 326.81 from 333.41. The weekly trading report shows that indices of the hotel group remained constant at 181.54.
Of the total transactions that took place over the week at the Nepse floor, the commercial banks group continued to capture the lion’s share with 89.74 per cent. Share transactions in development bank consisted of 4.55 per cent of the total transaction and the finance group captured 4.36 per cent.
The percentage calculation in terms of transaction of manufacturing group, the other group, trading group and insurance group were 0.40, 0.28, 0.25 and 0.42 respectively. In terms of transactions and units of shares transacted, Siddhartha Bank Ltd topped the list during the week with 1,052 transactions and transacted units of share standing at 42,830. Standard Chartered Bank Ltd stood on top with the a transaction worth Rs 141,41,603.
The floor remained open for five days under the regular lot and one day for Odd Lot, where shares of Nabil Bank Ltd, Nepal Investment Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Himalayan Bank, Nepal SBI Bank, Nepal Bangladesh Bank, Everest Bank, Bank of Kathmandu, NIC Bank, Kumari Bank, Siddhartha Bank and Credit Development Bank were traded for all five days under the regular lot. Laxmi Bank, Lumbini Bank, Sagarmatha Insurance Company and Gorkha Finance shares were traded for four days.
Birat Shoe Company, Himalayan General Insurance, National Hydropower Company, Citizens Investment Trust, Prudential Insurance Company, Pokhara Finance and Siddhartha Finance shares were traded for a single day.

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