-  Sunday 20 September 2020

    Air France unions call strike over jobs law

    PARIS (Reuters) - Trade unions at Air France urged their members on Wednesday to join a national strike planned for next Tuesday to protest the government's new youth jobs law.

    Unions and student bodies have called on workers in the public and private sectors to take part in the general strike planned for March 28 to pressure the government to withdraw the law, which they say will create insecurity for young workers.

    "By demonstrating with the students, we say 'no' to the generalisation of insecurity for our children," the Air France unions said in joint statement.

    Despite nationwide protest marches over the weekend, conservative Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin has stood firm on the First Job Contract (CPE) law but also called for dialogue to improve it.

    The CPE, which allows employers to fire people under 26 without giving a reason during a two-year trial period, is one of the biggest crises in Villepin's 10-month administration. The prime minister's popularity ratings have slumped in past weeks.


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