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German conservative official says EU expansion depends on absorption capacity

March 22, 2006
The European Union's expansion should be decided by the absorption capacity of the 25-member bloc, said Germany's Bavarian Prime Minister Edmund Stoiber on Tuesday.

"The decisive criterion must be the absorption capacity of the EU," he told Bayerischer Rundfunk radio.

Talking about Turkey's bid for the EU membership, the arch conservative member of the Christian Democratic Union said that it would not be enough if Turkey simply met the EU's criteria.

"On the contrary, what must be decisive is whether the European Union has the capacity to take in (more)," he said.

In addition to Turkey, which began EU membership talks last year, Croatia is negotiating to join the bloc. Bulgaria and Romania have finished talks and are due to join the union within the next two years.

EU foreign ministers at a meeting in Salzburg, Austria, earlier this month also underlined the importance of the bloc's absorption capacity in future expansion plans.

The enlargement of the EU must be approved by houses of the German parliament.



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