-  Thursday 02 July 2020

EU to sign urgent aid deal for Palestinians; weighs Hamas gov't

The EU will sign a deal Monday with the United Nations granting $78 million in urgent aid for Palestinians, but much more in future funding is under threat after the impending formation of a government by Hamas, considered by the Europeans a terrorist group.

The EU foreign ministers will debate the impact of a Hamas government, as will the 25 EU leaders at a Brussels summit later in the week.

On Sunday, a European diplomat said the EU will work with Hamas, but added, "Those putting together the new government must know that how they decide their government program will have repercussions."

"We'll look support require interaction with the Palestinian administration," Javier Solana, the EU security affairs chief, and Ferrero-Waldner, said in a recent report.

It said dismal security in the Gaza Strip after Israel's withdrawal, makes it "impossible to operate there without dealing directly with the Palestinian administration."

The EU has threatened to cut off aid to a Hamas-led government unless it commits to peace. Such a decision could affect up to 80 percent of assistance for the three million Gaza Strip and West Bank Palestinians, sparing only basic humanitarian help that accounts for 20 percent of all aid from the EU and its 25 member states.

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