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Enhance exports to Germany: Traders

KATHMANDU, March 18 - Businessmen on Friday underscored the need to enhance exports to Germany, Nepal's second largest trading partner, in order to boost the country's slackening industrial sector. 
Chandi Raj Dhakal, president of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) said the country's exports to Germany have braced a downward swing and special efforts should be taken to revive it. He was speaking at the 14th annual general meeting of Nepal-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NGCCI) held in the capital on Friday.

"Nepal's exports to Germany fell drastically to Rs 3.12 billion in the year 2004/05, down from Rs 6.17 billion in 2000/01, whereas imports declined slightly to

Rs 1.5 billion from Rs 1.6 billion during the same period," he said.

Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies Buddhi Man Tamang said the government has made necessary preparations to issue multiple visas to German investors and businessmen in order to lure more German investment. "Wooing German technology and investment is quite essential in improving the country's industrial sector," he said.

Franz Erwin Ring, German Ambassador to Nepal noted that German market offers many opportunities for a diversified Nepali export structure.

Stating that the Nepali people and its economy have a great potential of comparative advantages on the world market, he said the potential must be tapped.

He also expressed hope that German investors would be forthcoming once the Nepali investment becomes more conducive.  Observing that export performance and the investment climate are suffering under the ongoing conflict, he said that Nepal should reach peace in a not too distant future. “At the same time, German government encourages the political forces in Nepal to swiftly restore democracy as soon as possible,” he said. 

Armin Hoffmann, principal advisor, GTZ/Private Sector Promotion-Rural Finance Nepal said though bilateral trade has traditionally been in Nepal's favor, export of Nepali products to Germany has been on the decline since 1999.

"The decline in carpet exports is the main reason for decrease in overall export to Germany," he said.

He also felt that there were good prospects of developing garment, herbal preparation, essential oils, tea and computer software export to Germany.

Rohini Thapaliya, president of NGCCI said Nepali businessmen are trying to promote different products into German market by participating in trade fairs and exhibitions.

The Kathmandu Post

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