-  Monday 24 June 2019

India cuts budget outlays for Nepal

 NEW DELHI, March 2 - India has marginally cut budget outlays for assistance to Nepal and Bangladesh in its 2006-2007 financial year budget proposals unveiled here Wednesday.
The cut is seen here as an attempt to convey India's displeasure at "non-cooperation" against terrorism by Dhaka and "continued subjugation" of democracy by Kathmandu.

According to the Budget proposals presented Wednesday by Finance Minister P. Chidambaran, the total budget for the Ministry of External Affairs which oversees all foreign assistances has been brought down to Indian Rs 3,695.05 Crore, which is Rs 490 Crore less from Rs 4,182 Crore during the last fiscal year.

According to the Budget documents, only Central Asia and Myanmar would get a higher allocation, with outlays for Central Asia raised to Rs 11 Crores (110 million) from 9 Crores last year, and the outlay for Myanmar raised to Rs 25 Crores from Rs 22 Crores last year.

Out of the total outlay for '06-'07, the allocation for Bangladesh has been reduced to Rs 50 Crores from Rs 52 Crores last year, while that for Nepal has been reduced to Rs 65 Crores from Rs 66 Crores last year.

For Bhutan, too, where several Indian assistance development ventures are on, the outlays have reduced from Rs 1,131 Crores last year.

For the Maldives, too, the outlays have been reduced to Rs 6 Crore from Rs 13 Crore last year. The allocation for Sri Lanka is constant at Rs Rs 25 Crore. The allocation for international cooperation, too, has been drastically cut.


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