-  Monday 24 June 2019

Kids rescued from circus pursuing studies

Forty-eight children, who were rescued from a circus in India by the Hetaunda-based Nepal Children’s Welfare Organisation, and their 70 siblings have been studying in different schools in India, thanks to financial assistance provided by the organisation.
Some of these children have proved their mettle. While Sunita Karki, a fifth-grader at the Hetaunda-based Laxmi lower secondary school, stood first in grade-four exams, Anjali Chhetri and Deepa Moktan stood second and third.
Thanks to the support provided by the organisation, their brothers, too, have been enrolled at schools. The 48 children rescued from the circus and their 70 siblings have been studying in 23 schools in Makwanpur, Chitwan and Bara districts.
Among others, the children have been enrolled at the Hetaunda-based Laxmi Lower Secondary School, Ratnakali Primary School, Amar Lower Secondary School, Sharada Primary School and Anandabhairav Primary School, Rastriya Rotary Lower Secondary School, Brahmakali Primary School and Navakagriti Primary School, Bara-based Nepal Rastriya Lower Secondary School and Janajagriti Secondary School, Manahari VDC-based Rastriya Lower Secondary School and Arniko Primary School.
The siblings of 48 rescued girls have also been receiving financial assistance for pursuing studies, said programme coordinator of the organisation, Khetraj Mainali. The rescued kids have formed the Navajagaran Club.


Thanks for publishing the news. It really helps for the activities.
Khetraj Mainali

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