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Gaindakot people for dowry-free nuptials

Sunday, February 26,2006 
GAINDAKOT: With a view to abolishing the dowry system, participants at a meeting organised on the office premises of Gaindakot Adarsha VDC today vowed not to provide dowry in their daughters’ marriage.
Earlier, hundreds of people had taken out a rally from the premises of Janak Higher Secondary School, which converged into a meeting at the VDC office.
Dowry and ‘tilak’ cannot evaluate the character of a bride, they said, stressing the need to create a society free of dowry and tilak systems.
Emphasising the need to shun the people who accept dowry, they said rather than dowry, the girls should be imparted education. The meeting also endorsed a 13-point code of conduct for an ideal marriage.
At the programme, students of Bal Bikash School performed a play advocating the abolition of the dowry system.
Addressing the meeting, Durga Sapkota, a local youth, said: “I will refuse to get married to a boy who demands dowry.” Daughters should opt for education, not dowry and ‘tilak’, she said. Dowry is the cause of debt, lecturer at the Lumbini College, Bindu Poudel, said, stressing the need to put an end to the practice of handing over money during marriages. Noting that daughters of poor families were finding it difficult to get married due to the dowry system, Poudel called on guardians to discard the dowry system.”
Women of Gaindakot have collected signatures with the objective of making the dowry-boycott campaign a success, coordinator of the meeting, Narayani Banstola, said.


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