-  Monday 28 September 2020

NT to distribute pre-paid lines

KATHMANDU, Jan 10 - Nepal Telecom (NT) has announced that it would start distributing new pre-paid cell phone lines in Kathmandu Valley from January 14.
Talking to the Post a reliable NT source said that around 29,000 lines would be distributed within a period of one week between January 14 to January 20 to customers who had submitted application forms between October 10 and October 24.

After completion of the proposed distribution, the NT is planning to start distributing pre-paid mobile lines on a regular basis, which means mobile lines would be made available on demand, he said.

"However, the new non-stop distribution would be started only around mid February," he added.

Despite huge demand, the state-owned telecom provider has not been able to issue more than 22,000 lines ever since the pre-paid services were resumed in the valley earlier on August 22. Whereas, around 120,000 clients have already applied for pre-paid sim cards, and hundreds of others are waiting for NT to start its distribution.

Although NT has replaced the old 2G GSM network with General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) - which has the capacity of distributing one million lines, it has not been able to issue lines based on demand as the new system has not yet come into full operation.

"We are still in the process of replacing some of the crucial components with new ones. But once we complete this process we will distribute as many lines requested by clients," he said.

In other words, the pre-paid lines, which NT is about to distribute, will be issued from the old system, the source informed.

He, however, said that NT would complete installing the rest of the components within the next three weeks. And once the process is complete, people wishing to issue NT's pre-paid cell phone lines can apply for the service at any time of the year and get connection instantly.

NT, which had started distributing pre-paid lines from August/September 2003, has already issued more than 200,000 pre-paid sim-cards till date. It had sold 28,171 recharge cards valued at Rs 1,020 and 870,351 recharge cards valued at Rs 510 during the last fiscal year.


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