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Fund set up for needy Nepalis in Doha

Monday, February 20,2006 
KATHMANDU: In an effort to help Nepalis in distress, the Royal Nepalese Embassy in Doha (Qatar), has set up a fund that will help Nepalis in problem with lodging, food, air tickets, and court fees. According to a Gulf Times report, Sunday, the Embassy has recently opened the Nepalese Expatriate Benevolent Fund (NEBF) with its account (AC No. 2152583201100) in Doha Bank.

"The fund aims to help Nepalese in distress in this country (Qatar)," the report quoted ambassador Shyamananda Suman.

There are an estimated 80,000 Nepalese in Qatar and a majority of them are low-paid, unskilled workers.

Many of them get their wages after months of delay, some never get paid while many others do not have their residence permits stamped.

Some of these cases end up in the court but often the labourers find it hard to pay court fees.

The ambassador appealed to "philanthropists of all nationalities, who are in a position to help", to contribute to the fund. "They can directly deposit money in the account."

The account will be managed by a committee of community representatives and an embassy official.

The fund will operate under the patronage of the ambassador and be run by a board of officials to be elected from amongst fund members.

"We have heard that the Indian Community Benevolent Fund is running very successfully and we would like to contact them to learn how they administer it," the ambassador said.

Suman noted that scores of Nepalis have to be provided with food since their employers do not pay them in time. Some of them need accommodation as well. The embassy's resources are insufficient to provide all these services, he said.


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