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French band Betty argo & their english songs...

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KATHMANDU,  2011-06-27
Though named after a Swedish woman, Betty Argo is a French Indie pop band. The band came into existence when singer Lena Roucaute and composer Arnaud Cabibel came together 10 years ago and played mainly acoustic.

“Betty Argo was this woman we knew and she had this knack for making sad people happy,” said Cabibel who also plays the guitar.

However, the band went through changes when Samuel Strouk on bass and guitar and Jeremie Pontier on drums joined them. With new faces a new style of music also emerged.

“We bring different influences in the pop music which is an English style. We mix it with reggae, electronic, rock,” informs Strouk about their music –– Indie pop. Their kind of music is of medium and slow tempo, never fast.

Pontier emphasises lyrics and melody as “very important” in their music. Though a French band, they only write English songs and their song writer Roucaute is a French Swedish, informs Cabibel. She takes inspirations from her dreams. Other recurring subjects in her lyrics are time, stories and serial killer.

In their music-making process, everyone has their defined parts where each member contributes in the making of the songs.

An emerging band in France, Betty Argo has released two EPs (Extended Play) titled Who’s Betty Argo and Explanations of Misunderstanding and is working towards their first album.

And each member has their own musical choice and influences. Roucaute listens to Michael Jackson, Billy Andre and Lenny Kravitz, while Cabibel’s influences are Potishead and Lee Fields to name a few. On the other hand, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Igor Stravinsky are some of the favourite artistes of Pontier. Very

much influenced by the traditional and folk music, Strouk listens to Bob Marley, Django Reinhardt and Malher among others.

In their first ever international tour, the band performed at the International Music Week organised by Alliance Francaise in Kathmandu. Before that they had performed

at various places in India. The only other place they have performed is in Sweden.

Strouk is the only member who had visited Nepal before. According to him, he has heard the music of Kutumba and Bijaya Vaidya and finds them great. “French people are attracted towards Nepali people and their tradition and culture,” opined Cabibel.

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