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French Model for Nepal Charter, of course not Carla Bruni style !

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20 juin 2011
It would be a premature conclusion to say that the Himalayan Republic will finally adopt ‘French Model’, not the amour of President Niocolas Sarkozy, Carla Bruni- the Super Model but, it is the model for power sharing between President and Prime Minister in the elusive constitution.

Taking into account the immature behavior exhibited by political parties so far in the peace and constitutional processes the discussion over French Power Sharing Model could be taken as a gaffe only, however, reports have it that of late the political leaders have been holding serious discussions in this regard. Surprise, isn’t it!

Nice strategy for the nonperforming Nepali CA members to make several trips to the Fifth Republic. Bon voyage! To recall, France had adopted its fifth and current constitution that did away with the parliamentary system on 4th October, 1958.

France today is called the fifth republic.

We held serious discussion over several possibilities for the ‘power sharing model’ to be incorporated in the new constitution, said Laxam Lal Karna.

Karna-the Sadvawana party leader coordinates one of the working committees of the sub-committee headed by Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Constitution Drafting.

It’s quite complicated that they have committees, subcommittees, task forces, working committees and what not working in tandem for drafting the Constitution. Ooh la la!

There is the possibility that the parties could finally zero in to a mixed type of governance structure also known as the ‘French model’.

“It is not verbatim French Model but something similar, more fitting to Nepali context”, he added. Reminds of King Mahendra’s Mato Suhaudo Byabastha.

While Nepali Congress is in favor of a Westminster Model of Parliamentary Democracy, the Unified Maoists Party favors executive Presidential system. The Nepali Congress from nowhere believes that Presidential system could give birth to a dictator.

The Annapurna post reports that the working committee has already prepared a model for if the parties forge consensus over mixed type could be presented in the Constituent Assembly for further discussion.

According to the model, people will directly vote to elect the executive president whereas the parliament will elect the Prime Minister.

The power sharing between President and Prime Minister will be decided by the constitution. C’est simple comme Bonjour!

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