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NRNA Statement on the State of Deteriorating Civil Security in Nepal

 -  NRNA

Jan 03 2009 - Following the historic People's Movement of 2006 and the successful election of the Constitutional Assembly (CA), the Non-Resident Nepali
Association (NRNA) believed that the apparent understanding and cooperation among political parties would usher in an era of peace, prosperity and democratic polity in Nepal. Indeed, there are enough reasons to believe that the election of the Constituent Assembly provides a basis for all to effect the peaceful social and economic transformation of Nepal in his or her own way. The Nepali diaspora heartily welcomed the political developments in Nepal, despite being
unable to vote in the CA elections and it has always expressed its willingness to support the making of the new constitution that guarantees globally accepted norms of human rights, democracy, and the rule of law.

Our hope of an era of peace and prosperity in Nepal has been frustrated by the recent events in the country. The NRNA notes with dismay the situation in Nepal where, following the historic political realignment, the incumbent political forces have bred an atmosphere of violent discord and lawless insecurity, instead of focusing on crafting a democratic constitution and taking the country on a road to a lasting peace and prosperity.

Unfortunately, today, industries are being shuttered; industrial activities stymied by violent gangs instead of seeking legal remedies for grievances; civil servants killed; cases of arson, damage to and illegal appropriation of state and personal property abound; national highways frequently blocked, communications facilities, newspapers and news staff attacked and sometimes media houses ransacked and publication severely hindered. It has given rise to the suspicion that this is a planned effort to divest the Nepali people of their hard-earned constitutional right to uncensored news. If this culture of impunity is tolerated as normal during the time of transition, there is every chance that the political gains achieved through the great sacrifice of Nepali people will be lost and the country may head
towards anarchy and failure.

Robust economic growth is absolutely necessary to consolidate the political gains thus far achieved and the importance of international assistance and investments in Nepal for this is well recognized. But only a country with stable political climate, democratic polity, respect to human rights and the undeniable rule of law may attract them, especially in the current environment of worldwide economic crisis.

The NRNA appeals to all parties in Nepal to conduct their affairs lawfully with proper regard for the fundamental rights of all other parties, respect for each other's rights to express their opinions freely and without fear or intimidation. We call on the Government of Nepal to act decisively against anyone not abiding by these norms and severely punish any who resort to unlawful actions.

NRNA reaffirms its commitment to the principles of democracy, universal human rights, the national unity and the overall development of Nepal and with this in mind calls on all parties to ongoing conflicts to resolve them peacefully within the norms of the law. It stands ready to extend any assistance it can.

Non-Resident Nepali Association

3 January, 2009

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