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Nepalese to witness spectacular meteor shower

 -  Shyam Krishna KHAKUREL

Dec 14 2007 - Astronomical Society of Nepal has recommended star gazers to take the opportunity to witness a spectacular view of meteor shower starting from 10 p.m. local time (1615 GMT) on Friday.

Named "Geminid meteor shower", the meteors numbering 60 to 100 per hour from the constellation of Gemini would dazzle Nepal's night sky on Friday, a local radio channel said.

Stating the meteors are of medium speed, encountering Earth at 35 km per second, the Society said they would be bright and white that can be easily seen with naked eyes.

Unlike the Perseids meteor shower in August that had few visible trails and streaks, the Geminid meteor shower was four times denser than most other meteors and had been observed to form jagged or divided paths, Nepali astronomers said.

The Gemini constellation on Friday night will be visible around45 degrees above Nepal's eastern region.

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