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House decision to abolish monarchy undemocratic: King

 -  Kantipur

Kathmandu, Feb 07 2008 - King Gyanendra has expressed displeasure over the recent decision of the interim parliament on abolishment of the monarchy, saying that it did not reflect the majority view of the people and that the it was not a democratic move, according to Thursday’s edition of the news portal of the Daily Yomiuri, a leading Japanese newspaper.

According to the Japanese media, in an interview given to some Japanese reporters at the royal place on Monday, the King said, "[The decision] doesn't reflect the majority view of the people. This isn't democracy".

The king's remark was in reference to the December decision by the seven major parties comprising the interim government to abolish the monarchy after a constituent assembly election scheduled to be held on April 10, The Daily Yomiuri further reports.

King Gyanendra, however, admitted: "They [the people] have the right to choose the fate of the monarchy."

This is probably King’s first interview to any foreign media after his powers were stipped following the people’s movement of 2006.

"Some leaders have tried to take action that was against cultural, social and traditional values," the King further said in the interview.

The king also pointed out that law and order is deteriorating, questioning the interim government's ability to govern, the report added.

Referring to a recent survey, which showed 49 percent of respondents favored the continuation of the monarchy in some form, King Gyanendra said: "A majority of the people find great meaning in the institution of the monarchy. In all clouds, there is a silver lining. Let us hope."

In a recent interview given to a pro-monarchy local weekly, the King had said that he wanted the peace process to succeed, though he had expressed dissatisfaction over the state of affairs.

Source : Kantipur

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