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Govt to Unveil Security Plan for Polls, Says Chaudhary

 -  The Himalayan Times

Kathmandu, Jan 23 2008 - Minister of State for Home Affairs Ram Kumar Chaudhary on Tuesday said that the government is going to announce a security package in the run up to the election to constituent assembly.

He also expressed commitment for holding the CA election on April 10 at any rate, while addressing a press conference organised by the Saptari chapter of Nepal Press Union here on Tuesday.

He urged all to make the CA polls a success to abolish monarchy.

"Followers of regressive forces and status quoists are trying to disrupt the CA polls and people will sideline them through the election," he said.
He said that the demand of inclusion of people from every walks of the life in the state mechanism will be solved by the CA polls itself because the interim constitution has guaranteed such.

"What have those people who quit the posts of minister and member parliament in the name of Madhes agitation contributed for the Madhesi cause in the past 15 years?" he asked.

People will evaluate their contribution, he said.
The international community is hopeful that Nepalis will solve their problems by themselves and therefore, the agitated people in the Tarai should join the talks table to solve the problems and the government is committed in this regard, he said.

He also said that there is no need of international mediation for talks between the agitating groups in the Tarai and the government. "Peace talks can be held with the mediation of any trusted Madhesi leader."

Source : The Himalayan Times

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