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NOC's price hike move wrong: Mahara

 -  Southasian Media

Kathmandu, Jan 23 2008 - Government spokesman and Minister for Information and Communications Krishna Bahadur Mahara said on Tuesday that the decision to hike prices of petroleum products was solely that of the Nepal Oil Corporation. He alleged that the NOC has not consulted the government before taking the decision.

Minister Mahara who arrived in Dhulikhel on Tuesday for inauguration of a project, said the NOC never discussed with the government before its decisions earlier, too, to hike the price of the petroleum products. "It is a wrong decision and the government has taken it seriously," he said.

He said the issue will be taken up at the next cabinet meeting. "The cabinet will seriously discuss for price adjustment."

Referring to remarks of Minister without portfolio Sujata Koirala on prolonging monarchy, he said it was anti-constitution and such comments should be withdrawn immediately. Saying that the prime minister's ill health has forced the putting off of regular cabinet meetings, it could also "defer the constituent assembly polls."

Source : Southasian Media

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