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Meet four demands for polls: Mahato

 -  The Kathmandu Post

BANKE, Jan 16 2008 - Nepal Sadbhavana Party Chairman Rajendra Mahato on Tuesday set out four pre-conditions to create a conducive atmosphere for Constituent Assembly elections in the tarai.

"Government must declare Madhes an autonomous region immediately, amend election-related laws, initiate a process for providing proportional share for Madhes in the army and police and hold dialogue with armed groups operating in Madhes," said the Madhesi leader.

He said, "This is our bottomline if the government wants to hold election in Madhes."

Mahato said the entire Madhes would be ready for elections if the four demands put forward by his group are fulfilled. "If the demands are not met, we will launch protests throughout Madhes beginning Friday." Mahato also urged Madhesi lawmakers from all parties in parliament to revolt in parliament, as there would be no need for street protests if lawmakers rise up against "Pahade hegemony" in parliament.

Changes in the Constituent Assembly Members Election Act have become one of the main demands of some groups including the one led by Mahato as these make it mandatory for the parties to ensure their lists inclusive if they field candidates in more than 20 percent of election constituencies. As per the provision, they have to include groups other than Madhesis in the list.

Source : The Kathmandu Post

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