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    Bomb blast injures 5 in Nepal capital

     -  AP

    Jan 14 2008, Kathmandu - A bomb exploded Monday near a mass political rally where thousands of supporters of Nepal's main political parties had gathered to mark the start of campaigning for elections, police said.

    No one was killed, but five people were wounded in the blast, police official Uma Chaturbedi said. Police were interviewing witnesses who saw someone toss the bomb out of a car into the crowd as it was breaking up.

    No one has claimed responsibility.

    To mark the start of the election campaign, 50,000 people — supporters of the seven political parties in the ruling coalition, including former communist rebels widely known as Maoists — marched through Katmandu and gathered at the rally grounds in the heart of city.

    The bomb exploded just 160 feet away from the crowd, which included top leaders of the main political parties in Nepal.

    The government announced last week that polls to elect a Constituent Assembly to map the country's political future would be held April 10. The election is a key part of Nepal's peace process, which saw the rebels give up a decade-long armed revolt.

    The assembly will rewrite Nepal's constitution and decide on a new political system for the Himalayan nation.

    The elections were a key stage agreed to in the 2006 peace process to end the Maoists' decade-long communist insurgency that left more than 13,000 people dead.

    Source : AP
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    Maoist cannot form a government according to the Interim Constitution.The current prime minister can only be removed by a 23 majority. And I don't think anyone has a 23 majority in the CA. The PM will be the same, ministers different. And the executive will still be governed by 7 party alliance.

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