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UN seeks $100 million aid for Nepal

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Jan 12 2008, New York - The UN has sought over $104 million in aid for Nepal 's recovery and development after a decade long civil conflict.

The Common Appeal for Transition Support (CATS) for Nepal 2008, launched last week, contains 61 projects to address urgent needs in the Himalayan country in food and nutrition, protection, health, disaster preparedness and response. CATS is an action plan developed by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee in Nepal with aid partners on the ground.

Almost $29 million of the aid this year is earmarked for refugees, internally displaced persons and children affected by armed conflict, a UN news release said Fridat.

The release notes that although the conflict ended in late 2006 when the Nepalese government and the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist signed peace agreement, the country continues to face challenges as it seeks to recover and rebuild.

"Bombings, killings, abductions, demands for ransom and other forms of threats aimed at political opponents and civilian populations continue to hinder the ability of the state to deliver basic services in the country," the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has said in the release.

Recent studies by the UNICEF indicate that only 39 per cent of Nepal 's population have access to adequate toilet facilities, while 50 to 70 percent of the drinking water in many districts is contaminated.

In addition, malnutrition affects a large number of children, particularly in the hill areas. The country also hosts over 100,000 Bhutanese refugees, who also require humanitarian assistance.

Last year donors contributed some $72.6 million -- over 70 per cent of the total requested in the CATS 2007 for Nepal .

The aid figures this year will be revised in mid-year in response to changes in the humanitarian and sociopolitical situation in the country, OCHA said.

On Thursday, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon proposed extending the mandate of the UN Mission in Nepal for another six months to support the country's peace process and help conduct constituent assembly polls.
Source : KalingaTimes

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