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20-point roadmap agreed to end political deadlock

 -  Xinhua

Dec. 19 2007 - Task force members of the ruling Nepali Seven Party Alliance (SPA) has agreed on 20-point recommendations aimed at ending the political and constitutional deadlock as the country sets its eyes on the Constituent Assembly polls.

According to Wednesday's The Himalayan Times, the recommendations will be submitted to the SPA high command Wednesday.

The task force has recommended that Nepal be declared a Federal Democratic Republic subject to endorsement by the first meeting of the Assembly and increase proposed number of CA members to 601 from 497 at present.

"The government will provide the salary to all Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) combatants in the cantonments as per the Comprehensive Peace Agreement on installment basis. The combatants disqualified by the United Nations Mission in Nepal should be sent back home after providing them their dues," Sunil Prajapati of the Nepal Workers' and Peasants' Party told the daily.

The 20-point agreement includes organizing joint mass meetings in seven cities to create a favorable environment for the CA polls.

Source : Xinhua


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