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Nepal to become republic

 -  Hindu

Ameet Dhakal

Dec 16 2007 - The Nepal government has tabled a proposal in the interim Parliament to amend the interim Constitution, to hold the Constituent Assembly election by mid-April.

According to the current Constitution, the election should have been held by Saturday.

The proposal was tabled following an agreement among the top leaders of the ruling Seven-Party Alliance to hold the poll by April 12, the final day of the year on the Nepali calendar. The leaders have also reached a tentative agreement on two of the most contentious issues that forced the postponement of the polls — declaration of the country as republic and the election system.

They agreed to include the word “republic” in the current Constitution but its implementation will take place after the Constituent Assembly convenes its first meeting. The parties, however, have not signed a final deal on the proposals.

Source : Hindu

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