-  Friday 15 January 2021

Maoists' double talk creating problems, Koirala

 -  Telegraph Nepal

“It is only due to the Maoists demands that the country is heading for uncertainly”.

Sushil Koirala- the NC officiating President made these remarks at a program held in the capital by the Nepal Press Union-a Nepali Congress affiliated journalists organization.

“The demands for republic declaration and the full proportional system for the CA election have jolted country’s entire politics”, he continued.

“The Maoists double talk is also killing the prospects of finding amicable solution to the current political dispute…they talk some thing at a SPA (Seven Party Alliance) meeting however, they talk completely opposite while making public lectures”.

“…it may be that the Maoists have been under the influence of some invisible power centers and thus their remarks are contradictory”, Koirala added.

Source : Telegraph Nepal


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