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Nepal parties close to deal, Maoists demand DPM

 -  Hindu

Dec 15 2007 - Top leaders of Nepal are in the final stages of sealing a deal to end the deadlock over the Maoists demand for a new political and electoral system that has stalled the landmark peace process in the country, sources said on Friday.

The leaders of the Seven Party Alliance are close to a deal after an informal meeting today to end the deadlock created by the Maoists, who have warned of fresh agitations if their demands relating to declaring Nepal a republic and adopting a proportional electoral system were not fulfilled.

Top political leaders including the Communist Party of Nepal-UML (CPN-UML) general secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal and Maoists chairman Prachanda today held informal consultations with Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala to end the political deadlock in the country.

They have accepted in principle to incorporate the term 'Republic' in the interim constitution, and agreeing that Nepal would be declared a republic after the crucial Constituent Assembly polls so as to provide a face saving solution for the Maoists, who have demanded the immediate abolition of the Monarchy, a highly placed source said.

The Nepalese leaders have also agreed to increase the percentage of proportional system of voting in order to show flexibility towards the Maoists' demand.

The Maoists, however, are pressing the Prime Minister for allocating it the key post of the deputy Prime Minister and one of the three key ministries before joining the cabinet.

"Now the Maoists are demanding the post of Deputy Prime Minister for their party to join the government," a source close to the Prime Minister said. The Maoists have also demanded one of the three key ministries including defence, finance and home portfolios.

Source : Hindu


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