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Political deadlock to end by Thursday: Prachanda

 -  Kantipur

Dec 12 2007 - Maoist Chairman Prachanda Wednesday said that the festering political deadlock would get an outlet by Thursday evening.

Speaking at a function organised by Krantikari Patrakar Sangha-Makwanpur Chapter in Hetauda, Prachanda said that the seven parties are holding intensive bilateral, tripartite and multilateral talks to give an outlet to the political crisis by tomorrow.

Saying that the parties were narrowing down the differences, he added that even the Nepali Congress (NC) was moving ahead with the issue of republic and seemed flexible in the issue of proportional representation (PR) electoral system.

Saying that the government leadership was optimistic to the issues of peace process, people’s army, combatants’ camps, relief to the families of martyrs, disappeared people, and those injured during the Jan Andolan II, he claimed that many important and contentious issues would be settled by tomorrow.

Referring to the Madhesi leaders who left their parties and the parliament in the name of Madhes problems, Chairman Prachanda said that it was not good to set up parties on the basis of geography and ethnicity.

“Their moving from the parties and parliament had begot doubts and suspicions. Something is hidden”, he added.

“If the Madhes leaders had left their parties solely for Madhesi causes then we urged them to join our party,” the Maoist supremo said, adding that the point of view of other major parties was not positive towards Madhes.

Reiterating his demand for the restructuring of the government, Prachanda said that there should be an agreement on creating the post of the Deputy Prime Minister, the major ministries should be reshuffled and that the government must give an impression of a coalition government.

Maoist leaders Dr Babu Ram Bhattarai, Ram Bahadur Thapa, Matrika Prasad Yadav were also present at the function.

Source : Kantipur

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