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MPs tell govt to respect House motions

 -  Southasian Media

Dec 03 2007 - Lawmakers on Sunday asked the government to either act on the parliamentary resolutions or quit.
Speaking in on Sunday special hour of session, Maoist lawmaker Khim Lal Devkota said: "If the government is not ready to go as per the spirit of the passed proposals, the government will have to pay a heavy price "

Another Maoists lawmaker, Tilak Pariyar, also asked the government to introduce an amendment to the constitution in order to implement the proposals.
Nava Raj Subedi of Jana Morcha Nepal asked the government to resign if it is not ready to implement the passed proposals

Lawmakers of NC and UML, however, called the Maoists to stop the criminal activities of the Young Communist League. Stating that the YCL cadres have baton charged him, Nepali Congress lawmaker Hari Bhakta Adhikary asked the Maoist leadership to put an end to such activities immediately.

UML's lawmaker Prakash Jwala called YCL to stop its activities. Citing its activities in the Tarai, UML MP Suresh Kumar Karki called the government to adopt appropriate political measure to resolve the problems in the Tarai. He demanded political measures to resolve the problems.

According to him, 11 agitating groups in the Tarai have killed 9 VDC secretaries, injured 30 people and kidnapped 300 people in the last one-year.

Hridayesh Tripathi of Nepal Sadbhawana Party (Anandi Devi) called Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and Maoists chairman Prachanda not to give objectionable speeches on the Tarai movement.

Source : Southasian Media

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