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UML seeks active role as parties continue discussions

 -  Kantipur

Nov 30 2007 - The major political parties Friday continued to engage in bilateral and trilateral consultations to forge an agreement to end the political impasse.

The CPN-UML, the People’s Front Nepal and the Maoist held discussions on Friday morning at the Maoist’s Parliamentary Party Office in Singhadurbar. The leftist parties held discussions to find a way out to resolve the deadlock after the Nepali Congress (NC)declined to implement the motions passed by the special session of the interim parliament to make an arrangement to declare the country a republic and adopt fully proportional representation for the Constituent Assembly (CA) elections, said a source.

The leftist parties reached an agreement to move ahead making the CA elections as their common agenda, said a senior Maoist leader Mohan Baidhya alias Kiran.

Claiming that the NC was not clear on its own stance, the communist parties concluded that the implementation of the motions passed by the House should be discussed along with the entire political package.

The package includes issues regarding Maoist cantonment management, returning of the seized properties and dissolving the ministry of Peace and Reconstruction, among others, said Kiran.

Following the meeting with the leftist parties, the CPN-UML is now holding discussions with the NC.

The leaders of the two parties are holding discussions in Lalitpur.

However, the UML General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal reached Singhadurbar to take part in the meeting of the UML parliamentary party.

The UML leaders have stressed that the best way to resolve the political stalemate was its amendment proposal passed by the House.

The UML has reiterated its stance to pass the proposal to declare the country a republic endorsing the decision through the political understating and approve the decision by the first meeting of elected CA and that a fully PR system for the CA elections was impossible.

In recent days, the UML General Secretary has vehemently stated that the leadership of the government should be changed and handed over to the party. The Maoists have backed Nepal as an alternative to the Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala government.
UML parliamentary committee being held

Meanwhile, the meeting of the parliamentary committee of CPN-UML is being held at UML’s parliamentary committee office at Singhadurbar this afternoon to review the political deadlock and party’s role in ending the political deadlock in the country.

CPN-UML General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal is due to brief the parliamentarians on the discussions held among the parties in the meeting till date.

Addressing the meeting, UML General Secretry Madhav Kumar Nepal claimed that the country would become a victim of uncertainty if the continued bilateral, trilateral and multilateral discussions failed to find an outlet to the stalemate. He pointed the need to reach a decision even if the dialogues failed reach any conclusion.

The UML parliamentarians are presenting their opinion on the issues including implementation of the motions passed by the special House session last month, continuation of the winter House sessions in effective ways, Terai problems and seven-party unity, said UML parliamentary committee secretary Gokarna Bista.

Nepal is scheduled to answer the queries raised by the parliamentarians.
Source : Kantipur

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