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Govt change if no consensus: Prachanda

 -  Kantipur

Nov 23 2007 - Maoist Chairman Puspa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' on Thursday reiterated that leadership in the government would be changed if the government failed to implement the directives given by the interim parliament.

Speaking at 'Sawal Jawaf', a program of BBC Nepali Service, here, Prachanda said, "The government must declare a republic and adopt a fully proportional representative electoral system before fixing a new date for Constituent Assembly poll. The issue of change in government leadership will surface if the government fails to do so".

He said Maoists would then launch protest programs if there was no consensus on changing the leadership in the government.

He also charged that Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala was not sincere about the peace process.

While refuting media reports that Maoists are proposing UML General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal to head the government, he said, "There is no discussion on who will lead the next government if there is no consensus on our issues."

He also claimed Maoists would never give up their demand for fully proportional electoral system. "A round table conference should be organized to settle the issues of republic and fully proportional electoral system," he said.

‘I was prevented from visiting Madi’

While responding to queries by victims of Madi (Chitwan), where 38 people were killed due to electronic mines detonated by the Maoists in 2005, Prachanda said, "I had collected some relief package for victims but some big power conspired against me and prevented me from visiting Madi."

He however didn't reveal what that power was. "I request you all to first drive away those conspirers then I will come to you with relief materials," he told Madi victims. The Madi massacre is the biggest, and so far the most deliberate carnage by Maoists against innocent people.

'No forceful donation'

Prachanda, during the program, said forceful donation was against his party policy. "I request you all not to give any donation under force," he said, adding, "If any of our cadre forces you, we will take action against the guilty cadre once we receive complaint."

Locals told Prachanda during the program that Maoist cadres have continued their forceful donation even after the peace agreement. "We don't' have any party policy for forceful donation, abduction, intimidation," he said, adding, "If you have faced such activities, just drop a complaint at our party office then we will take action against the guilty." This is not the first time, though, that the Maoist top leadership has denied its hand in extortion drive. There are also no indications that it has acted against cadres 'defying' the party directive on extortion.

The Maoist Central Finance Bureau, however, has recently decided to collect donation from businessmen and other people.
Source : Kantipur

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