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Prachanda favors UML govt. over Nepali Congress

 -  Telegraph Nepal

Nov. 22 2007 - The leaders from both the Left and Right front in the Nepali politics might have advocated against the eminent polarization among the Communists and the rest of the political parties but analysts claim that it is always “blood that is thicker than water”- which also implies that birds of same feather flock together.
The UML double standard and the rest of the communist parties who favored the Maoist proposals in the recent parliamentary exercise does hint that the communists in Nepal were finding themselves much closer together than in the entire history of Nepal’s communist party.

Else why would Prachanda threaten the Nepali Congress saying that his party was ready to take part in the government that is solely led by the UML? This he said upon meeting the representative of Revolutionary Journalist Organization in Pokhara, Kaski district, today.

However, Prachanda was wrong when he admitted that such a government will be formed with the consensus among all the parties in the Seven Party Alliance. Analysts further claim that the power hungry Congress leadership and the prime minister himself who is best described by a UML leader, Mr. Pradip Nepal as some one who will always be remembered for his love to the post of prime minister-ship will do what ever he can -not to allow the UML form a government.

“If UML rejects our proposal, the nationalist forces will join hand to rescue the country out of crisis”, Prachanda added.

However, Prachanda again forgot to describe as to who were the Nationalists- perhaps the communist parties except the UML or some forces not surfaced yet? If it were the communist parties except for the UML, then it would mean that the alliance would be for the name sake.

Prachanda accepts this time that the chance for the NC accepting the full proportional system of voting remained negligible.

“A broad based round table discussion is thus needed to decide what system of voting is best suited for the country”, he concluded.
Source : Telegraph Nepal 

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