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Seven-party unity will remain intact: PM

 -  The Rising Nepal

Nov 05 2007 - Although the lawmakers passed the motion on declaring the country a republic through a simple majority Sunday, all parties except for the Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) supported republican setup.

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, however, preferred to remain neutral and did not cast any vote in favour of or against the proposal to keep intact the seven party unity.

"As I am the Prime Minister made by seven parties I will remain neutral,? he said replying to queries at the parliament Sunday.

"The entire nation is heading towards a republican set-up, and the wave of sentiment in support of a republican set up has reached the point of saturation,? Koirala said.

PM Koirala stressing on seven-party unity even in the situation of division at the parliament said, "There may be division at the parliament, but the seven-party unity will be intact.?He congratulated the CPN-Maoist for coming to the democratic process by honoring the parliamentary system.

In the same backdrop, PM Koirala said, "Today will be a historic day as we have given the message of unity and at the same time the practice of democratic exercise to the international community.?

Koirala elaborating his meetings with foreign ambassadors said that as they were asked to submit their credentials to him as per the new provision they shared the view that the Nepal had now come a long way towards turning into a republican state.

Parliament is the biggest force of the country and it should decide on major issues of the country, PM Koirala said.

Citing the incidents of neighbouring countries, he requested all the partners of the seven-party alliance to keep the unity intact.

Krishna Bahadur Mahara of CPN-Maoist also stressed on seven-party unity and said, "We are not going to disrupt the unity, be it now or in the future.? He urged all the real republican forces to be united. He expressed regret on the failure of forging consensus among the seven-party on the Maoist sponsored motions. He also expressed commitment on going ahead for holding the CA polls at the earliest possible.

Mahesh Acharya of Nepali Congress said, "We fully support the republican setup of the country but we must follow the democratic process, that is CA polls.?

Source : The Rising Nepal

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