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Nepal To Be Republic

 -  Sin Chew Jit Poh

Nov 02 2007 - The seven political parties have arrived at a consensus to proclaim a republic from parliament but difference still persists on the date of enforcement. This led to adjournment of the special-session meeting, which was set to decide the fate of the Maoist proposals for a republic and a proportional election system, till Friday (2 nov).

Following bilateral and multi-lateral parleys, Nepali Congress (NC) leaders agreed to proclaim a republic through parliament but leave the implementation till after the first meeting of the elected constituent assembly, in an attempt to avert a possible split among parties over the issue of republic.

All the parties in the Seven-Party Alliance agreed to the option but the Maoists insisted on immediate enforcement of the proclamation, a stance that was rejected by NC leaders.

The parties ultimately agreed to use up a night and a morning to explore a meeting point. "There was intense discussion on the issue today (1 Nov). And we agreed to continue deliberations till tomorrow to try to find consensus," said Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda. He said whether an understanding is reached among the parties or not, the session would conclude on Friday.

NC leaders agreed the option after intense pressure from the left allies who even threatened to come together during voting. "All the parties in parliament that accept a republic and a proportional system will come together during the voting in case it does take place," said Prachanda after a meeting of all the ruling left parties at the CPN (Maoist) parliamentary party office.

He said the left parties could go for a single proposal or vote for either the Maoist or UML proposal. "The technicality will be decided later." He, however, said the possibility of an understanding with the Nepali Congress has not been ruled out yet.

But Communist Party of Nepal-United Marxist Leninist (CPN-UML) leader Amrit Bohara said his party has not immediately accepted the Maoist proposal for unity among the leftists alone. "We cannot go against the proposal for a republic but we have emphasised unity of all the Loktantrik (democratic) parties, not only the leftists," said Bohara.

The Maoists initially wanted the parliamentary session prorogued Thursday but they accepted a request by CPN-UML and Nepali Congress leaders to prolong the session by a day to avert a division of votes among the parties in the seven party alliance.

"It was postponed till Friday through all-party consensus," said Speaker Subas Nembang.

He said if no consensus is reached by Friday, the proposals tabled by the Maoists and the amendment proposal tabled by the UML, National People's Front and Nepal Workers and Peasants Party will be put to a vote.

"As per our practice, the amendment proposal will be presented turn by turn before the main proposals," said Nembang. He said a common proposal also can be prepared if the House demands a merger of the main proposal and amendments.

"But the Maoists continue insisting that the interim parliament must proclaim a republic," Jhala Nath Khanal said, adding, "We couldn't see any space for consensus." He said the parties are likely to go for a vote tomorrow.

There was no serious discussion on the issue of electoral system Thursday.

Members kept on discussing till late evening, until their leaders agreed to postpone the session till 11 am Friday. (By YUVRAJ ACHARYA/ The Kathmandu Post/ ANN)

Source : Sin Chew Jit Poh

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