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Maoists urged to withdraw motions

 -  The Rising Nepal

Oct. 25 2007 -  Acting president of Nepali Congress (NC) Sushil Koirala said Thursday that CPN-Maoist should withdraw the motions already tabled in the legislature parliament seeking declaration of a republic and adopting fully proportional electoral system for constituent assembly polls.

NC has come to a conclusion to decide on the proposals by voting on October 29, if the CPN-Maoist does not withdraw them, Koirala said speaking at the Reporters Club Nepal.

?Nobody has the right to reverse the previous agreements reached amongst the political parties," he said adding the NC was not in favour of declaring the state a republic from the parliament and adopting fully proportional electoral system. ?NC can not breach the previous agreements as it had signed them upholding to the principles of democracy, human rights and personal liberty."

Efforts were made to attack the ideals and principles of the NC by leading the NC towards the path of reversing the previous agreements, he said. ?NC has no limit to become flexible, as it has come to this stage because of its flexibility. What are the Maoists seeking?"

Koirala came down heavily on the CPN-Maoist and said Maoist chairman Prachanda had also agreed to decide on the proposals through a parliamentary vote if all efforts to forge consensus failed.

The nation would face further crisis, if the CPN-Maoist did not present itself responsibly, Koirala added. ?The Maoists have no alternatives other than to present themselves responsibly leaving behind all kinds of conditions and participate in the peace process."

Meanwhile, RSS adds: he said the perpetuation of the present political uncertainty and confusion would only benefit the regressive forces.

?The very existence of the country might be in crisis and it might be pushed to the brink of civil war if the transition period is extended like this. Therefore, the seven political parties should be serious in holding the Constituent Assembly election as soon as possible by strengthening their unity."

He said that there was no alternative to increasing the price of petroleum products at the present juncture. He explained that subsidies could not be provided on petroleum products as the country has run into losses of billions of rupees by providing subsidies.

Source : The Rising Nepal

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