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Nepal fails to end political crisis

 -  NDTV

Sept 28 2007 - Political leaders failed to persuade Nepal's former communist rebels to rejoin the government even though the country's biggest party lined up behind their key demand to abolish the centuries-old monarchy, officials said.

A meeting on Thursday among Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, leaders of other ruling parties and the leader of the ex-rebels, known as the Maoists, was inconclusive, said Madhav Kumar Nepal of the Communist Party of Nepal United Marxist-Leninist, a major partner in the ruling coalition.

''We have discussed the demands by the Maoists and several options that we have,'' he said. ''There was no formal agreement in today's meeting but we will continue discussion tomorrow.''

Rebels waged a decade-long armed insurrection to turn Nepal into a republic before joining the government this year.

But they withdrew from the ruling coalition last week over demands that the monarchy be immediately abolished.

The move sparked a political crisis, plunging the country into uncertainty less than two months before a crucial election for a special assembly that is to rewrite the constitution and decide on a new political system for the country.

Koirala asked the Maoists' leader, Prachanda, who goes by one name, to rejoin the government and reconsider the group's decision to disrupt the November 22 election, said Minendra Risal of Koirala's Nepali Congress party.

The meetings came a day after Koirala's Nepali Congress, the country's largest party, passed a resolution urging the special assembly to order the world's last Hindu king to give up his throne. The move was widely seen as an olive branch offered to the Maoists.

The resolution, however, does not immediately abolish the monarchy, as the Maoists demanded.

Source : NDTV

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