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Flood victims fund raised: Nepal Pariwar Germany

Nepal Pariwar e.V. Association Germany Annual meeting was held on  15/16 September  in Speyer Germany. Nepali German families and other Nepal lovers
German friends from different states celebrated Teej and multi-cultur programme. Nepal Pariwar was  established 12 years ago to preserve Nepalese language, culture,  Identities and to respect the other cultures with harmony at the same time.

Nepal Pariwar President Mr. Dinesh Manandhar requested the nepalese government  to execute the laws passed after new constitution took effect in Nepal.
The children born through Nepalese women and German partners or other  nationalies are still barred from obtaining Nepalese passports. Mr. Manandhar also drew attention of coming NRNA Conference in october this year in Nepal to make  an agenda to facilitate the basic human rights of Nepali children and
their mothers concerning their passports.

Nepalese Ambassador Dr. Madan Kumar Bhattarai welcomed the guests and said that the unity among Nepalese in Germany is very important. The Nepalese Embassy is always ready to help N epalese in Germany.

Honorary Consul and NRN Europe Vice President Ram Thapa explained about  the NRN Bill which was recently passed by the parliament of Nepal.

President of NRN Germany and advisor of Nepal Pariwar Mr. Dil Bahadur Gurung stressed the motto "Nepali for Nepali".The cultural programme was started  with Dr. Murari Bahadur solo concert in memory of late Narayan Gopal.

Donation of 1180 Euro was raised for the flood victims in Nepal and 1000 Euro is added from Associations account. Total of 2180 Euro was handed over to  NRN Germany to tranfer to Nepal in specific flood areas.

In painting competetion, 7 years old, Vanessa Gruhn s painting was  selected to send to NRNA Global Conference 15-17 October for open auction and the raised money  will be donated to the flood victims in Nepal as well.

Nepal Pariwar Germany

I am very happy to know that that the Flood Victims in Nepal are getting help from Nepal Pariwar Germany.Its really a great.
Adhikari Bindu

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