-  Sunday 28 February 2021

Nepalis abroad: Nepalis in Luxembourg find Saathi

 -  Kathmandu Post

Saathi Nepal is a new association formed just recently in Luxembourg with Dependra Basnet as its president. It is an association established by the efforts of well-wishers of Nepal, Indians of Nepali origins, and, of course, Nepalis, all with an objective to help Nepalis in Luxembourg.

Although it has already been almost two decades since Nepalis have been living in Luxembourg, it is only now that an association of Nepalis has been formed.

Remembering those days, when several years earlier, one had to wait for months to meet a Nepali, Prem Lal Sharma recalls, "I was so desperate to talk to a Nepali that on seeing a person who looked like a Nepali to me, I went to talk to him. But he turned out to be from South America."

Narayan Gurung, who previously lived in Pokhara, expresses, "Now that we've successfully founded this association, I feel that we've entered a new age."

Now, if any Nepali wants to meet someone from his country, s/he can simply go to the office of Saathi Nepal. In addition, if a Nepali in Luxembourg needs any help, he can readily get it from the office of the association, which is located in the capital city Luxembourg.

Contact: c/o Namaste Restaurant, 19 Rue de Strasbourg, L-2561 Luxembourg.


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Hallo, last year I was there for 4 hour and Luxembourg is owunderfun city.
Let me know about it!!!!!!!!
Dendi sherpa
i am planing to study in france for my masters. . i am an aritst and hope to have a good studing and living environment there.
i am glad to know that you guys have formed an organisation there..
hope you can be a help for me and i can be a help for you.

i will give you more informations soon.
and i would like to get informations from you too
sanjeep maharjan
Currently I am living in France but been thinking about moving to Luxembourg.
It is nice to hear that we have our community there.
So I would like to know some details on the country there and meet our people in Europe.
I dont know how to manage
Can I talk to someone direct?
Hope to hear from u.......
bhojendra gurung

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