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    Nepal prince suffers massive heart attack

     -  AFP

    Sept 06 2007 - Nepal's crown prince and heir to an embattled throne was admitted to hospital Thursday after suffering a serious heart attack, hospital officials said.

    "The crown prince has had a major heart attack," Bharat Rawat, one of the doctors treating Prince Paras, told reporters.

    "He is out of danger now, but we can't say if he will have another heart attack or not," the doctor said, adding the prince -- who has a reputation for being a fast-driving playboy -- would "need to change his diet and lifestyle."

    The 36-year-old crown prince will remain in hospital for around five days, the doctor told journalists at Norwic hospital in Kathmandu, where he was rushed after complaining of chest pains earlier Thursday.

    "Ninety five percent of blood circulation was blocked in his right artery, but now he is doing very well and he is free of pain," said the doctor.

    Paras survived a June 2001 massacre at Nepal's royal palace where 10 members of the family, including the then King Birendra, were shot dead by crown prince Dipendra, who in turn killed himself.

    The 2001 massacre resulted in the crowning of Paras' father Gyanendra. The monarchy is now facing the threat of abolition following last year's peace deal between Maoist insurgents and mainstream political parties.

    Source : AFP
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