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Yechuri holds talk with Koirala on Nepal peace process

 -  Hindu

July 25 2007 - Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala discussed the fragile peace process in Nepal with Indian Communist leader Sitaram Yechuri, who also had a meeting with top Maoist leader Baburam Bhattarai where he stressed on the need for maintaining unity among the ruling eight-party alliance.

CPI (M) leader Yechuri met Prime Minister Koirala at his residence in Baluwatar, and discussed the current situation in the Himalayan nation, including the Terai problem of the Madhesi people living in the planes bordering India.

In their meeting yesterday the two leaders also discussed the preparation for the vital Constituent Assembly polls and the Terai violence that threatens to derail the carefully-crafted peace process in Nepal, sources said.

Earlier on Sunday, Yechuri held talks with senior Maoist leader Bhattarai where the Indian leader said New Delhi was concerned about the obstacles in the ongoing peace process, a statement by the CPN-Maoist said.

Both the leaders stressed on the need for maintaining unity among eight political parties and taking the peace process to the logical conclusion.

Bhattarai told Yechuri that the old thinking to consider monarchy and army as the two pillars of stability in Nepal should be demolished in the new political context.

According to sources, the Maoist leader told Yechuri that the Nepalese people should be allowed to decide their own destiny.

Stressing on the need to develop common approach between the CPN-Maoist and the Indian government on the issues related to the peace process, Yechuri told Bhattarai that he was against any policy to divide the Nepali Congress and the communists in Nepal, the statement said.

Source : Hindu


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