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    House Tells Govt to Make Public Rayamajhi Report

     -  The Himalayan Times

    July 24 2007 - The interim legislature parliament has ruled the government to make public the report of the commission formed to probe into the suppression of April 2006 movement.

    Speaker of the House Shuvas Kumar Nembang today ruled the government to make public the report of the commission led by former justice Krishna Jung Rayamajhi.

    The government has not make public the report despite repeated calls from political parties, MPs, civil society and rights activities.

    The Rayamajhi commission had submitted its report to the government months ago. The commission has reportedly indicted senior government officials, political figures, security officials and even the royals for suppression of the April 2006 movement and abuse of state powers and coffers.

    The Commission was empowered to investigate, recommend, advice or suggest the government to take actions or punish anyone found responsible for the killings and suppression of the pro-democracy activists, involved in abuse of power or misappropriation of State funds since the royal takeover on 1 February 2005

    Source : The Himalayan Times
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