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    Maoists smell rats behind army guards; NA refutes allegations

     -  Kantipur

    July 23 2007 - Maoist lawmakers have sought clarification from Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala for the “sudden deployment of army personnel from the Bhairavnath battalion” for the security of Maoist Ministers.

    However, Nepal Army has refuted the Maoists allegations, stating the guards being provided to the VIPs belong to Singhanath Battalion at Tokha, and not the Bhairavnath battalion or the Ranger battalion.

    Army spokesman Ramindra Chhetri told Ekantipur, “Those who were deployed as bodyguards didn’t belong to the Bhairavnath or Ranger battalions in the first place. They belonged to Singhanath battalion.

    He added, “We don’t know how this rumour started.”

    On the onset of Sunday’s meeting of the interim parliament, Maoist Whip Janardan
    Sharma urged Speaker Subash Nemwang rule the Prime Minister Koirala, who also holds the Defense portfolio, to explain the House as to why the government had to change the minister’s guards.

    Sharma, who is also one of the deputy commanders of the People’s Liberation Army, even questioned Koirala’s intent behind the move.

    Claiming that the deployment of soldiers to the Ministries held by Maoists came at the wake PM’s visit to Army Headquarter, he maintained that the incident was a conspiracy.
    Meanwhile, legislature Uma Bhujel accused that the incident was an attempt to house-arrest the ministers.

    Issuing a statement Sunday, the army’s Directorate of Public Relations stated that the guards provided to the VIPs are interchanged in two months period, changing half the guards in the first month and interchanging them in the second month of their deployment to make the security system uniform and effective.

    It has further stated that even the Home Ministry is notified through the Defense Ministry whenever the army men are to be deployed for the security of the VIPs.

    Five Maoist ministers had sent back the army personnel provided by the government for the security of their residential quarters at Pulchowk shortly after they were deployed there.
    Local Development Minister Dev Gurung, Minister for Information and Communication Krishna Bahadur Mahara, Minister for Physical Planning and Works Hisila Yami, Minister for Forest and Soil Conservation Matrika Yadav, and Minister for Women, Children and Social Welfare Khadga Bahadur Biswokarma represent the Maoists in the government.

    “It was shocking as well as suspicious on the part of the government to send soldiers from the Battalion involved in the killing and disappearance of many civilians in the recent past,” Minister Mahara, who is also the government spokesperson, said, “Hence they (the soldiers) were sent back.”

    Source : Kantipur
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