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Russia to send 50 military observers for Nepal peace process

 -  Earth Times

July 21 2007 - Russia will send 50 military officers to Nepal as part of a team of United Nations military observers to oversee Nepal's peace process, local media reports said Saturday. The military team was being sent at the request of the UN and will remain under the control of United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN), Nepal's largest circulating daily Kantipur reported.

"The military team will comprise liaison officials, observers and medical officers," Russian Ambassador to Nepal Andrey Trofimov said. "The first batch of six officers will arrive in Nepal within weeks."

The Russian military observers are the part of UNMIN's growing monitoring team in Nepal that includes observers from Japan and Switzerland.

According to the UN, the final number of military observers in Nepal is likely to be around 190 officials from more than 20 countries.

The observers will mainly be working around seven Maoist divisional cantonment sites, where the guerillas' weapons are being stored, and will monitor the Maoists' activities around the clock.

UNMIN has been involved in "separating weapons" from the Maoist fighters ahead of elections that will choose a constituent assembly to draft Nepal's new constitution and vote on the fate of the country's monarchy.

Under the peace agreement with the Nepalese government, the Maoist former rebels were confined to seven cantonments and 21 satellite camps across the Himalayan nation.

The peace accord in November 2006 formally ended the decade-long insurgency that claimed the lives of nearly 15,000 people and displaced more than 200,000 others.

Source : Earth Times

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