-  Sunday 11 April 2021

Newari dance for cultural identity

 KATHMANDU: A free style dance competition named Uapatyaka Byapi Newa Dance Competition ?1126 is going to be held here at the Royal Academy Hall Kamaladi on the 27th of February.

The competition will highlight the traditional Newari cultural dance where different people from around the Kingdom can participate.

Speaking at a press conference, Dharma Munikar, the coordinator for the competition said, ?The competition would be an open challenge which is being organised with the perception of saving the identity of cultural dance.?

Highlighting the competition he said contestants can perform either in solo or duet in a chosen song and participants performing in live music will be considered with respect to the points they earn.

The competition has set aside Rs 15000, Rs 8000 And Rs 4000 for the winners. The registration fee for the competition is Rs. 500 and application forms are available at the Himalayan Garden Home, Chhetrapati, Dhalko till 18th February. According to Manisha Dangol the founder of Manoj Memorial Organisation and Dream Communication Pvt Ltd. ?It is our first step to make a difference, we have plans to connect the whole Nepali youth with the world?.

She further said the proceeding of the event would be utilised in motivational activities for the youths.

The competition is being organised by Dream Communication Pvt. Ltd and Manoj Memorial Organisation. The joint venture is also launching a new website Nepalese youth.com on the day of the competition.

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