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Violence in Nepal biggest obstacle in nation building: US

 -  Times of India

July 04 2007 - The United States on Wednesday said that the violence in Nepal will be the biggest obstacle in the democratic nation building process of the Himalayan nation.

The outgoing US Ambassador to Nepal, James F Moriarty, said that the ongoing violence by the Maoists and the Madhesi groups, and the failure to adequately address the issue of inclusion of all Nepalese nationals, are the two obstacles blocking the path of democratic nation building through the key election.

"The November polls are both an opportunity and a test for Nepal. A successful election, whose results stand up to international scrutiny and are considered legitimate by all the people, will allow Nepal to move forward in its democratic nation-building," Moriarty said addressing a programme to mark the 231st Independence Day of America in Kathmandu.

Pointing to the UN human right's body report which says about the rise in violence by the Maoist affiliated Young Communist League across Nepal since the formation of the interim government in April, Moriarty said the Maoists, being a part of the Interim government, should bear the responsibility to the people they now work for to stop these actions immediately.

He also urged Nepalese people to address the demand to end the unfair disadvantages facing the people on the basis of cast, ethnicity, gender and religion in a peaceful manner.

Times of India

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