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    Budget to manage transition

     -  Southasian Media

    June 28 2007 - Leaders of various political parties and economic experts Wednesday urged the government to formulate the next fiscal-year budget with view to manage the country’s transitional phase.
    They asserted that the first condition of the budget mobilization was peace and security.

    Claiming that the next budget would be in jeopardy unless the peace and security is maintained in the country, Dr. Prakash Sharan Mahat of Nepali Congress-Democratic (NC-D) stressed on the need to give priority on peace and reconstruction.

    Speaking at a discussion programme organized in the capital today, he also stressed on the need to create an environment for foreign investment.

    Likewise, former finance minister Dr. Prakash Chandra Lohani said that the next budget must take into account the aspects of failed implementation of the past budgets.

    He also underscored the need to end the current confusion of principles regarding foreign investments.

    Speaking on the same occasion, economist Dr. Bishwamber Pyakurel, UML leader Dr. Dilli Raj Khatiwada and chairman of Nepal Chamber of Commerce Surendra Bir Malakar stressed on the need to create an environment of peace and security for investments.

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